RED LIPS: nice or vulgar?

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    24 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Girls, let's vote! What do you think about red lips? is it nice, sexy? or maybe too bright and vulgar?

  2. Its nice but it is vulgar too

  3. No, it's not vulgar! It's very nice ... I like red colour

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    It's really nice and sexy.. Just I don't use such brigh red but in fact I love red lipstick :)

  5. why it is vulgar? I think its wrong attitude, red lips are sexy really, but not vulgar at all

  6. for me red lips look nice but it look vulgar to me too, I am sorry for that girls who like red lips...

  7. pink is the best!

  8. for me its vulgar, I dont know why, but it looks me too bright, I wouldnt have such image

  9. it is nice for me red lips:)

  10. for me it is very nice, womanly and elegant...why it is vulgar??

  11. of course it is nice without doubt, red color is the only color absolutely created especially for woman.

  12. vulgar it can be just for those who havent understanding what is professional make up

  13. it depends on many things; what are you wearing, where are you going with those lips...
    But for me it is more classic than vulgar

  14. for me it is nice absolutely nice, not vulgar at all

  15. but many people still think that it is quit vulgar. Me too.

  16. why do you think so?
    Red lips are so nice and it look really great.

  17. I dont like red lips, yea, it is vulgar absolutely

  18. of coz it is nice. I always thought that red lips are the most womanly make up

  19. maybe yea, but it sometimes looks too vulgar need to know what red color matches to you

  20. yea, not for every girls matches red lips and bright colors

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