Will crop tops come back to a street fashion?

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  2. 3 years ago

    they are really beutiful and lovely, but actually there is no so many places where we can buy them

  3. yea, mee to have the same prblm, I have ordered it from the Internet shop

  4. I saw them many at second hand shops..

  5. I dont see them anywhere...

  6. I have them sent from my cousin from Canada, they look very nice and match to me very much

  7. I bought one in the bazaar yesterday, it looks good

  8. how much does it cost? is it expensive?

  9. they already are the top in street fashion, but I dont like them at all

  10. I didnt see anywhere to buy thee crops so I dont think that they are very popular and fashionable

  11. i have doubts if these crops will be fashionable. I dont like them at all


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