Red carpet fashion in 2015 MET Gala

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    Have you already seen celebrities in annual Metropolitan Musuem of Art’s Costume Institute? It's commonly known as the MET gala.
    The gala is so special because it’s a unique opportunity for the fashion-forward to show out. What do you think about yellow Rihanna's dress?
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  2. wow, what a dress! it is interesting to me how much does it weigh?

  3. no ,its not beutiful to me, this dress looks too much luxurious

  4. nise, this color is especial, and matches to Rihanna very much

  5. I dont like Rihanna at all, but this dress is extraordinary and looks quite well

  6. no, she looking nt beautifuly, the dress original but not pretty

  7. wow! extraordinary fashion, what I could say more? I like Rihanna and her dreesing style - all is perfect when we talk about her

  8. she is nice there,she beautiful, but I couldnt say the same about this dress

  9. She look amazing with this dress like a queen!

  10. yea, really nice and elegant... but I think this dress is too luxurious

  11. omg... rihanna as always is more than visible :)

  12. I dont like Rihanna's songs at all. And her appearance is not good.

  13. yea, I agree with, she looks too arrogant there

  14. she is not arrogant, she is simply beautiful woman, she knows well that she is really beautiful and she prouds of it

  15. nice, real luxury... I would like to be wearing this dress...

  16. I didnt hear nthng about this MET Gala...
    But she looks very special for me at this photos

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  18. yea, the dress is extravagant thats because it doesnt looking good

  19. good, she is looking good there, I dont remember other fashion shows where she would be looking so nice as she looks in that

  20. rihanna, I dont like her songs and she is not my ideal singer at all

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