Is church possitive factor in our society?

  1. 5 years ago


    8 May 2015 Administrator

    I don't go often to the church but I believe in God. Do you go every week? Do you think that if person don't go to church often he isn't enough good christian?

  2. I only go on sundays but. I belivee in and I have fear of God in me

  3. mombasy

    20 May 2015 Administrator

    It should be positive factor, but unfortunately many people forget it already and churh doesnt mean nothing to them. Sorry for them

  4. I dont think so, church judge people, but dont help them in real life and at real problems...

  5. I go to church on sundays, its tradition, but actually I am in doubts if it helps to me...

  6. of coz it is positive factor, it was all times and it will be in the future

  7. it should be bt in our societyu unfortunately it isnt so its not gud at all

  8. oc coz it is, we need to believe in God,jsut in this way our lige is good

  9. absolutely church is very important in our lifes

  10. no, it isnt positive, many young people dont believe in God already, so its very bad

  11. 4 years ago

    Church is a positive factor in our society but individuals and pastors who deceive people have created a wrong impression


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