Can you swim?

  1. 5 years ago

    Hey girls, I cannot swim.. next weekend I am planning to go near lake .. and I will be the only one who are not able to swim... I am feeliing very bad but at the same time I know that I have a terrible fear of water, especially depth.. What to do? How to organize all trip that noone will not know that I cannot swim?

  2. Don't worry! It's not a shame at all!

  3. I cant actually, I can but very little, so I can say that I am not able to swim:)

  4. I also cannot swim but I don't care it! I can enjoy time near lake or sea differently as taking sunbath:P

  5. I can swim, and do it quite well, I have been practicing since chilhood, so I am really well swimmer, it is not difficult to learn to swim well

  6. what did learn you to swim?

  7. yea, of course, I can do it, and quite well...

  8. yea, I can, but I cant do it very well

  9. no, actually it was one of my dreams to learn to swim well, but I didnt succeed...
    When I was a child I had an accident in the water, so from this time I am afraid of water

  10. 4 years ago

    yes, absolutely I can swim, very well, cz ma brother was very good swimmer and he learned me to swim too, now I am very grateful for him for that

  11. no I cant and I am very sad for this cz till now I feel fear of water

  12. yea, I can swim, I cant imagine how it is possible not to learn to swim

  13. mombasy

    7 Jul 2015 Administrator

    actually I am not very good swimmer, I remember my father was teaching me to swim every summer but I didnt become a good swimmer, its not for me

  14. yes, I can, I think everyone should learn to swim

  15. I dont think so that everyone should learn to swim it is not necessary for all people

  16. yes, I can, but I learnt how to swim just when I was eighteen, it is quite late

  17. no, I cant at all


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