Have you had a really bad friend?

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi, I always thought that I have the best friend Mira... but now I understand she never wasn't really good friend for me. She tried to seperate me and my boo. She did a lot of stupid things from jealous.. I have never thought so bad about her as now doing

  2. no, I hadnt bad friends, I know what people I can trust. I think your problem is that you maybe trusted too much that person and then when they see that you trust them very much, then they start doing bad things

  3. I had many bad friends, not just only, now I am convinced that the most important is not a number of friends, but their value as people

  4. yea, you are shilaila absolutely right, I actually dont have many friends, but all of them are really fine people... we have long friendship already and everything is well

  5. the time, how long you know that person, doesnt mean nothing.. I can say it from my own experience. YOu can know person long time, but he can betray you without any doubt

  6. Of course I had, and not one, there were many bad friends, but now I hope there are really good people all around me

  7. no no, I hadnt such bad firend never, I hope i will never have that friend

  8. yea, I hd many bad friends
    but important that you would be a good friend for your friendz

  9. of course I had, but it was three years ago, so I have forgotten all bad emotions about it

  10. no, I hadn bad friends, all ma friends are good to me and I believe them and they help me always when I need their help and support

  11. me too hadnt bad friends, there need to select friends very attentively

  12. I had. I hd many bad friends and they betrayed me but now is all ok, now I have just good friends around me

  13. how they betrayed you? Need not to trust very with people cz they can cheat you

  14. No, there is needful to trust in some people, cz without faith there is nothing, there is no love, relationships, confidence, it is bad

  15. yea, we all had bad friends, I am not exception too

  16. Edited 4 years ago by lovesong

    not all have bad friends, I dont have them around me just good people

  17. yea, I hd two bad friends but they now are not with me already, so now I have really good friends around me. I believe so.

  18. mombasy

    6 Aug 2015 Administrator

    I had many bad friendz, we all have good and bad friends I am happy that now I have just good friends, so its good.


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