None of my shoes really fit me!

  1. 5 years ago
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    I guess every girl thinks as me that she doesn't have what to wear. Funny, but it happens when we are in bad mood or want to look really good (first date, party or just be the niciest girl in the world).
    What do you do in that days? :)

  2. when I dont have what to wear and looks nothing doesnt fit me, I dont go nowhere and just stay at home.

  3. Me too! I even lie that I have a headache or some buisiness:D and stay at home! :D

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    but if you need to go where is very important to go? when I dont have what to wear, I ask help of my friends, they borrow me some of their nice shoes:)

  5. never to go just bcz you havent shoes which would be looking good? No, I go when I have planned always, when you really want to go somewhere, then shoes are not so important, the most important is to have good mood!

  6. I try to find suitable shoes, although sometimes it is really very difficult. But even if I cant find nice shoes I go where I planned anyway

  7. I often have this problem, especially when I have to go somewhere were to take part is necessary, but if I dont have beautiful shoes, I take on simple shoes that I have and dress very nice clothes, then I look perfect althought shoes are not beautiful

  8. it perfect solution:)
    iI always think that dresses are more important than shoes

  9. yea, maybe it is good finally not to give much attention to shoes when you are wearing really nice clothes instead

  10. yea, exactly, clothes have bigger power to create our first impression than shoes...

  11. :) actually I have many shoes, its my passion. I like buying and buying shoes so I dont have this problem. P. S. shoes are equally important as clothes

  12. wow, so I believe you dont have never such a problem like not to have shoes to wear:)

  13. I dont have such a prblm I have several shoes pairs ant its enouf to mi

  14. ha ha I work at shoes shop so I see many ladies every day who comes to buy new shoes but at home there are many pairs of shoes.. so I understand you all:)

  15. bt you work at shoes shop so how yyou dont get good shoes?

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    it is natural I worked two years at restaurant as chef bt I almost never made food at my home

  17. good, I dont have many shoes so I find them when I need to go somwhe

  18. ha ha, I havent such problems, I hv shoes to wear

  19. so maybe you are not selective lady?:)


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