What do you prefer: RED of BLACK?

  1. 3 years ago

    What do you prefer: RED of BLACK? p5lxse-l-610x610-shoes-red+heels-bow-heels-red+heel-bow+heels-red+high+heels-high+red+heels-cute-red+bow-feminine-red-bows.jpgproduct-hugerect-392005-112265-1415046135-2af2cabe0336d53cd2adc19c79b6b856.jpg

  2. rudeangel

    19 May 2015 Administrator

    Red is more nice

  3. I prefer always just black, its classic, it matches with other colors, so its ideal for me

  4. red and black colors match perfectly, so I prefer both
    but I wear these clothes in a special ocasion

  5. I dont like red and black colors, also these colors separately dont look good, I preer white color the most

  6. i prefer both these colors but black is more classic, so the most prefer black, it matches for me better


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