How often girl should go to Beauty salon?

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by Batsylee

    Hi girls, how often do you go to SPA or Beauty salons? I lyk a massage or parfume theraphy but I hate to sit in hairdresser chair. All my times which I had were terrible...
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  2. rudeangel

    26 May 2015 Administrator

    I lyk give some time for myself. I think it's nice :) I do it every weekend for an hour :)

  3. it depends on many things, but if girl cares about herself, she knows intuitively when it is needed to go yo beauty salon and change smth in her appearance

  4. mombasy

    29 May 2015 Administrator

    we all are very different, so different time for every woman. I go to beauty salon one time per month, its enough

  5. I go two three times per year, it is enof to me, bt I know some people who go to beauty salon every month and it is not bad I think


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