Greasy hair... What to do?

  1. 4 years ago

    I have oily hair and it's so annoying. I wash it everyday and use special shampoo but I don't see changes that smth goes better even worse. if I washmy hair on morning, they become oily at evening.. is there anything what I can do to help? Products or procedures? I'm waitting your useful advices about this beauty issue.

  2. avoid to be in the sun, also it helps to wash hair with soft water

  3. me too have these greasy hair... I have tried many methods, but till today nthg helped...

  4. @cate sera, is it helps?

  5. I dont think thaat it helps..

  6. it helps, really, but there need much time to see the results. need also wear cap

  7. but it is not enough to have normal hair...

  8. rudeangel

    27 May 2015 Administrator
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    The nutrition is really important factor, I think. If we eat a lot of sweets or food which was baked in oily plate, it will give influence for our body

  9. mombasy

    28 May 2015 Administrator
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    I think there should be a complex of various methods in order to have nice and not greasy hair.

  10. you should need to talk with professional hairdresser or hair stylist. Cz if nthg dosnt help, need professional help then.


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