Do you use make-up everyday?

  1. 3 years ago

    There is opinion that daily make-up isn't good for our face skin. And I agree with it bcs of that I try don't use cosmetics a lot in my daily beauty routine. I lyk nice view on my mirror but better I stay without make-up on working days and use it just for going out than will be with terible face skin. Girl, what is your opinion about make up? Is it necessary for every girl in everyday?Makeup-for-black-women-007.jpg

  2. rudeangel

    26 May 2015 Administrator

    I use make-up veryday and there is nothing bad to my face skin. I think that everything depends on skin type

  3. mombasy

    27 May 2015 Administrator

    I use too, it get for my skin well color and texture, and I like it very much

  4. I dnt use it at all

  5. yea, I use make up every day, I tried earlier not to use it for one week but it was very difficult to stand being without make up, just girlz can understand it

  6. No I dont use it at all, it doesnt match to my color.

  7. Edited 3 years ago by sidiga

    I dnt use make up at all cz I have beutiful skin, make up is for those girls who suffer from unhealthy skin I think

  8. not necessary gor those who suffer from unhealthy skin, it is simple you look more beautiful with make up although I dnt use make at all

  9. but it is not healthy for our skin to use make up every day, so I dont use it at all, and ma skin is healthy and beautiful.


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