First thing what you do on mornings

  1. 5 years ago


    27 May 2015 Administrator

    Hey guys, I would lyk to know what do you do on mornings? How starts your common day?

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    My every morning starts with cup of coffee :P

  3. Edited 5 years ago by diezna23

    on mornings I drink green tea, but before this I do some simple excersices

  4. I'm lazy gir, so for me is so hard to get up, especially early. My day starts from kiss of my boo. It's the best alarm for me ;D

  5. all my mornings start with a hug for my lovely cat..;) it always sit near staring at me sleeping...

  6. a cup of water, looking for what to dress, and washing my hair:)

  7. if I dont need to go anywhere I try in mornings to prepare delicious and healthy breakfast

  8. check my phone if there are new msgs for me:)


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