Ombre hair

  1. 5 years ago
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    Hey guys I want to change my hairstyle and planning to make ombre. What do you think about it? is it nice and still on fashion?

  2. of course it is nice, I had these hair about one year ago, and it was awesom

  3. I lyk straight hair, so these are not looking good to me, and the color is too light...

  4. oh, that's so nice, but I have never had and will never have such long hair...

  5. nice for me these hair.. I have always dreamed about that hair.
    Not necessary to have such long hair...

  6. Edited 5 years ago by chanedy

    yea, you can have shoter hair than there in pic.. As I know these ombre hair are very popular now.

  7. I would like really to have tat hair, look very attractively..

  8. wow, nice, really, I would like to have these hair, but mine are very short so I think I should need to grow them firstly

  9. yea, I think there need longer hair to have beautiful ombre hair

  10. I dont like ombre hair, I prefer straight hair, not long, but for some girls ombre hair really suit perfectly

  11. we are different all so we have different hair

  12. Edited 5 years ago by liuka

    yeam absolutely. But now my ideal is long straight hair. like these

  13. Deleted 5 years ago by liuka
  14. yea, mi too like straight long hair, for some people they match very much

  15. it is my dream forever to have long cur lyhair unfortunately I havent them

  16. 4 years ago

    nice, bt how much time if you do ombre it will be looking nice?

  17. I think it is for quite long time, maybe even for a half of year, so it is good. I still dream about these hair.


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