The best celebrity

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    I have several favourite starts but I adore Kehinde Bankole... She is so nice,works with passion and has amazing career. What is your TV or fashion GOD? :)
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  2. yes, she is lovely.. I like omotola jalade.She is elegant and has wonderlfu family. I'm jeallous in white of her cutie children

  3. My start is genevieve nnaji! She is so cool

  4. my superstat is ini edo!

  5. Ini Edo, she was my most favorite, but not now

  6. so what is your favorite right now?

  7. Eva Alordiah without doubt:)Eva-Alordiah2.jpg

  8. is she a singer?

  9. yemi alade, I like her, she is professional and simple...

  10. Eva Alordiah, yea I like her, she is special woman really

  11. I like Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke, she is wonderful woman and professional actress

  12. beverly naya.jpg
    I like Beverly Naya

  13. I like also Ken Erics.

  14. the best nigerian actrees for me is Belinda Effah

  15. yea, Belinda Effah without doubt is one of the most impressive actress.. I like her.

  16. Mary Remmy Njoku, I like this celebrity

  17. Ini Edo without doubt

  18. Beverly nayja without doubt


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