What they don’t teach in schools

  1. 5 years ago

    If you ran a school, what would you add to the curriculum that isn't commonplace today? For me, it would definitely be computer programming, at least in its basic form. Age of the Geek, baby! :)

  2. For example not everyone is able to study programming at schoool, it is ability but not for everyone I think.

  3. for sure, that not evrybody is able to understan math.. I hated mathematic at school time. I missed more various languages as spain or french:)

  4. School will never teach us all we want and all we will need in the future I think. So all what is interseting for us we must try to teach by ourselves.

  5. No, I think school teach us many important things and it prepare us for a life. It is just a question: are we prepared to learn much and try to do the best? If yes, then school is perfect place to grow up and have beliefe that we are clever enough.

  6. Tweetysela, somtms we are prepared but we havent posibiltys to learn smth new.
    I think they don't teach at schools how to be good person, it is the most important thing

  7. and what does it mean to be good person?? these things must be learned by ourselfes naturally, they cant be teached by someone. Dont you think so??


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