How attrack boys attention in collegue?

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    Hi, I lyk one guy who is very cool adn handsome but he isn't interested in me. What should I do that he would notice me?

  2. to be yourself

  3. it is important to look attractively I think, to care your self

  4. I think there is no one eaxact way, you should need to be patient...

  5. yea
    there is no one exact way bt you need to take care by yourself

  6. you need to have selve confidence and natural beauty

  7. the best way to attrack boys attention is not to try attrack, I say true, believe in me:)

  8. Liuka, I dont believe that this your suggestion really would help to attrack attention

  9. there is no just one way how to attack their attention... you must finf the one suitable just for you.

  10. there are no rules how to attack boys attention... you have to be yourself

  11. exactly bt all guys like beatiful ladies with nice hair and nice legs, it is absolute true!:)


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