Is it true?

  1. 3 years ago


    23 Jun 2015 Administrator

    Girl, is true that we lyk more bad guys than good? They are more attractive, more funny and have a sense of humour, make us smile a lot and so on. However we know that bad guys are not for long term relation, they are good for fun but we still fall in love them, not serious guys... Why?

  2. Yea.. I gues it's true that we lyk bad guys more than good...

  3. I dont think so that we like bad boys more than good furthermore are there exist totally good people? I have doubts. We like people in who we find something attractive and it is not necessary bad behaviour

  4. me too have doubts. I like good people, not bad

  5. I hv heared somewhen that girls like bad boys but I am not shure about this.. I like also good people.

  6. I havent answer to this question cz I am not interested in it

  7. I dont know nothng about it

  8. Deleted 3 years ago by duranee
  9. yea, I think it is true, girls like bad boys, bt i dont know why


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