The most fav your desert!

  1. 5 years ago

    Hi, I woud like to make a surprise for my boo but still don't know how... He is a big fan of sweets and biscuits, so the first my idea is buy smth tasty for him or to bake smth. What is your the most favourite best of the best desert ?

  2. I lyk sweets, but at the moment I eat haansbro cream crackers. It's sooooooo delicious!

  3. ma best dessert is very simple but very very delicious and fresh:
    all you need is to have some peanuts (it can be any peanuts);
    and dark chocolate

    then you warm chocolate and in this chocolate put watermellon, then drop some peanuts, it is very simple, but believe, very delicious

  4. I dont like chocolate at all, but I like souffle

  5. bananas ice!

  6. bananas ice.. Do you do them by yourself or you buy them?

  7. it is not difficult to make such ice cream by yourself I think

  8. my favorite desert was, is and always will be coctail of watermellon

  9. a pie with watermellon and apples

  10. ice cream made at home from fruit jucies and chocolate, I like these ice cream very much and it is very easy to make them

  11. I like eat bananas with chocolate:)

  12. the most delicious desert for me is apple and strawberries pie

  13. mombasy

    11 Aug 2015 Administrator

    coffee with ice cream, since I was a child it is the most delicious desert for me and I believe always will be!

  14. i hv many years the most favorite mine desert, it is cherries in the chocolate

  15. coconut and chocolate with rices, very delicious


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