What do you do if you have a headache?

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi girls, i have a terrible headache right now and don't how to get rid it.. I try to drink more water and be in silence but it doesn't work... What to do?

  2. I always try to drink more warter and ti helps for me..

  3. try to avoid stressful situations

  4. in ma opinion majority illnesses are not possible to avoid, headache too

  5. I always try to sleep of course if I have such possibility, even if I sleep not long I feel better after sleeping

  6. bt do you can to fall asleep when you feel headache?

  7. I think it is possible, I always try to get plenty of sleep when I feel a headache, and it helps

  8. not always is possible to go to sleep although I agree that it is the best way to avoid headache. When I feel headache I try to think about smthng positive smtms it help


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