Ways to look natural beautiful

  1. 5 years ago

    Many of us cannot imagine our life without makeup. To be beautiful without makeup? Is it possible? Let's discuss!

  2. I think that natural beauty is one most important thing whic should be treasured by every girl

  3. Less make-up and your skin will be nicier

  4. Honestly there is nothing swt nd lovely lyk ur real self without make-up, even guys envy us for dat

  5. Yes natural beauty is the best,am proud of my beauty.

  6. mombasy

    29 Jun 2015 Administrator

    yea, agree with omotoyosi, it is a gift to be beautiful wothout any make up

  7. not necessary gift.i think that so many girls use every day make up and these girls even dont know that they are really beuatiful without any make up

  8. bt not all ladies look reaally nice without make up

  9. guys also like natural beauty, if you are beutiful without make up, if you have nice and healthy skin, it is the best what girls can have and proud!

  10. yea, I agree with meraria absolutely, all you need is to be yourself in that way you are and to be brave to be without make up, it is not so difficult as it seems from the first sight

  11. yea, maybe it is not so difficult but the question is: will you be really so beautiful without make up as you are wiht make up?

  12. yea, I am beautiful althhough I dont use any make up

  13. lovesong, why do you think that girl wothout make up cant be beautiful enough?

  14. girl can be beautiful, the more natural girl is, the more beautiful she looks to other

  15. yea, absolutely need to be proud of your natural beauty

  16. to slyp as mucha as you can, sleeping is good for our beauty

  17. I think every girls would say that it is difficult to look beatiful without any make up... But it is possible.

  18. 4 years ago

    I love makeup but it's real good to leave your face alone sometimes, I can go out with my real face and still look beautiful. I guess it's a thing of mind. The most important thing is believing you're beautiful with or without makeup.

  19. 3 years ago

    Yes is truth national petty


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