Best Looks from movies!

  1. 5 years ago

    Hi, ladies, did you remember great looks from films? It's a really good to borrow some ideas about hair style, make up or dressing from actress. Here you can find 7 great examples:

    Please share your favourites!

  2. yes, all examples look great. But I am in doubts if I have in my bathroom such good cosmetics, because without proffesional cosmetics you will not be a able to creat perfect make up. But I think I will try to do something new and to experiment...

  3. No, you shouldn't worry for cosmetics. From films you can get a lof ideas. I saw one indian film and I liked the main caracter's dress, so I sew it for myself!:)

  4. yea, but sometimes in films all things look more beautiful than it is in reality... People too...


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