Perfect eyebrowns

  1. 3 years ago


    4 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Hello, I found a good video which helps to me in caring my eyebrowns. I share it with you guys:

    what are the most often difficulties in your eyebrowns caring?

  2. nice, when I see at this video all looks very easily, but when need to do it by myslef I think I will find many difficulties

  3. yes, not easy, but step by step and you will get a good result;)

  4. yea, I believe but I think I will need much time in order to get the results similar to these

  5. How nice video.. I will try it:D

  6. I wont try coz I know rhat I will fail, I have tried this many times but I neve had a success

  7. rudeangel

    6 Mar 2015 Administrator

    good video..

  8. it is showed by person who is professional at it, but how could it do simple girl??

  9. All its possible just need some practise and wish to have success. Thats all you need!


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