Nigeria in the past

  1. 4 years ago


    16 Jan 2015 Administrator

    All photos were taken on slide film, between 1960-1980

    child-on-lap2.jpg friends.jpg smiling-mother2.jpg two-teens-in-village.jpg

    See mere:

  2. wow it looks lovely, these people look so simple and natural, when I see at these pictures I see some slides from real life, there is somtehing sincere, I like it!

  3. Rocky

    16 Jan 2015 Administrator

    So wonderful people! My granda always miss that times and her youth :)

  4. Black or white people we all are beautiful, that obviously show these pictures. It remember me something lovely and warm. Nice!

  5. Amazing photos, i like old style of photographs.. It's so natural and organic:)


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