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    19 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Bucket lists; “a list of things to do before you die, comes from the term ‘kick the bucket’” according to Urban Dictionary.

    It’s pretty much the things you want to do in life, with some tone of them being inevitable; it could range from raising a pet lizard to owning your own company. Only limit to it is your mind.

    What is on your bucket list?

  2. I have always wanted to learn to dive.
    And later I was always dreaming about writing a book of films history...

    So I have tried diving one year ago, it was fantastic! And now it is the own my dream to write a book!

  3. without doubt, the dream of all times - to have my own music record!When I will know I done it I can die calmly!

  4. I think my chalenge now is to learn to dance samba dance. But I found it is really difficult task, maybe some day, i would really want...

  5. i would like to overcome my fear of water and one day before my death to learn swimming:)


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