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    22 Jan 2015 Administrator
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    Hi, my lips became extremelly dry in winter time and I don't know what I should use. I apply a lip balsalm, but it helps only while I use it. If I stop, lips become very dry again. How you, girls, take care your lips in winter time? what do you use for dry lips prevention?

  2. i use coconut oil to make my lips softer, I always use it before going to sleep.

  3. It is very good lips vaseline, I have also tried honey, it may help too.

  4. @dropex It is very good lips vaseline, I have also tried honey, it may help too.

    I also use coconut oil, but i never forget to apply simple vaseline, especially before going out.

  5. for me helps lips balsm with vitamins and olive oil...:)

  6. Or maybe you need some vitamins?
    I use for my lips coconut oil, it helps, it is mild and rapidly sopping.

  7. kunkuliuke

    27 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Try it out.
    You will need…

    • 1 tablespoon grated beeswax or beeswax pastilles
    • 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
    • A dash of organic raw honey
    • 2 vitamin e capsules
    • several drops of essential oil (optional)


    In a double boiler, melt down the beeswax, adding in the coconut oil and honey when about half of the beeswax is no longer solid. After it’s all melted and blended together, stir in the contents of 2 vitamin E capsules. Pour into container or a tube and let cool. Apply as needed-but not in excess. Resist! There can always be too much of a good thing.


  8. oh! it can be made by hands!!! Wonderful:)... I will try!

  9. Yea, its true that if our lips are dry so you need some vitamins...Really helps honney, some oils, for example honey, I will try this reccomendation from kunkuliuke

  10. Rocky

    27 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Thanx girls for many advices! i hope that my lips will recomver after this nutrition therapy :)

  11. ok girls will try it

  12. I use coconut oil for all my body, not just for my lips, but it is good to me

  13. there is very helpful natural honey


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