Friends with ex-bf

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    2 Feb 2015 Administrator

    absolutely agree with dropex, if you are free now and dont have your boyfriend near, so it means that you need to start new your life, without any ex boys

  3. we every has our own opinion I think about these ex boys and frindships with them. I had friendship with my boyfriend, but after two year we break up, and then we were just simple friendz, but after twoo months we were couple again and we are married aready one year, so never say never.

  4. robby

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by robby

    I was with my ex in friendship for sometime but later we decided not to go in meetings, because he couldn't forget me and I couldn't forget him. Maybe it was because in that period when we was meeting, we were not in new relationships. So to be just friends was difficult for both.

    I don't have the only one answer.. I supose that everything depends on persons and on circumstances in which are these persons.

  5. of course it is difficuilt after love to be just simple friends but sometimes it is right decision as in my case

  6. robby

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator
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    @tabas oily , I believe that every girl has a boy who is her destination, just she should be patient, don't spend any chances to be happy:)

    I'm glad that in your situation the end was such sucessful!:)

  7. I dont understand how it is possible?? I had three boyfriends and after our relationship I had never heared nothing about them, and I didnt want to hear nothing, and I cant imagine how I could be friend for them aftter we break up

  8. maybe you were very hurted by each other? I think that it is good when people break up peacefully, so then the can stay friends...

  9. yea, I think the most important is to understand each other, than we can be friends even with ex boyfriends

  10. kunkuliuke

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator

    just one word - impossible

  11. agree with kunkuliuke, girls and boys will never can be just simple friends

  12. Edited 4 years ago by chera nodi

    I think that it is possible. there are nothing bad if you want to keep friendly relationship with your ex -bf

  13. mombasy

    11 Feb 2015 Administrator

    well I strongly have my own opinion about it: its impossible

  14. Why? Why its impossible? I think that you cant be friends just if you are angry each on other. Other way I dont undersand the reason why you should not be friends

  15. its impossible, coz I have readed yestedray one perfect book and there was written that sentence: never tell that you are just friends with the person who earlier was all your life. It not honest, and its difficult to forget someone who means you so much. So thats why its impossible

  16. absolutely agree with chanedy, by the way, really nice words.

  17. Edited 4 years ago by Unilly

    i think it can be possible-to be friends with your ex. Everything depends on a breakp up reason. If two persons don't feel negative feelings and both want to keep contact despite the changed their relation status, they can do it. of coz at the begining can be strange and hard a little but later everything calm down will be good. I'm talking from my experience. Now my ex-my best friend

  18. it cant be possible absolutely, its even unnormal I think, you must forget your ex boyfriend

  19. I think that it's imposible bcs if you have ever slept with that guy you cannot forget him and look int him as a guy not as friend.

  20. it depends on how honest you are with yourself and with other people

  21. yea, absolutely agree with tabasoily, you need to be honest, if you are sure that you will be just friend so its good but if you have some feelings still for him, so you need to think well about it very much

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