Get a perfect butt with this move

  1. 3 years ago

    Get ready to blast your booty. "When done right, you're guaranteed a sore rear after a pistol day!" says 2014 Next Fitness Star Emily Schromm. "It's the best butt move." The crazy-cool squat variation works your core, quads, calves, and those glorious glutes.
    Want to make it even harder? Remove the box. From a standing position, lift your leg, lower your body toward the floor, then return to start. Yowza!

  2. Edited 3 years ago by noami

    Yea.. a short exercise on mornings is really good habit but I'm a lazy cat who don't wanna get earlier to do it:P

  3. yea, it is good. But do you own take thise exercise in the mornings??
    To be honest, I am too lazy to do these exercises, I like sleep, and when I wake up, I have to go to my studies so there is no time enough

  4. Hey, girls, don't be so lazy!:PPPP
    I always get up early, make some exercises, take a cold shower and after that all snooze disapears immediately:)

  5. I am used to running. I run every day about 5 km, and it is enough to me to keep balance, these type exercises I dont like it...


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