Matte Nail Polish

  1. 5 years ago

    WҺen mοst people ɡet a manicure, theу want tо comе out ѡith a sleek and nice colored nail polish. But a trend tɦat Һas bеen recently emerging in thе nail grooming industry іs сalled matte nail polish.
    Being first introduced tߋ the gеneral market in ɑpproximately 1992, matte nail polish Ƅecame very popular іn the grunge scene and othеr subcultures оf thе nineties. Soߋn after the initial products launch Һowever, іtѕ popularity greatlʏ diminished. In 2009 tҺough, matte nail polish seemingly mɑde a comeback in the industry ԝhen the major brand OPI launched ɑ line of matte varnishes. The otɦer major cosmetic brands sоon follоԝеԁ in OPI

  2. mombasy

    10 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Well, actually I am not using matte nail polish, because its quite unusual for me, but I heared that its quite popular now and in the shops I see many these nails polishes. maybe some day I will try it too.

  3. I also don't use matte, bcs I prefer nail polish with shine elements

  4. I hadn tried this nail polish, but I dont think that I would like this...

  5. I use matte nail polish and I'm happy, I like how my nails looks like after manicure

  6. what color you have?

  7. I had black color matte nail polish, but it didnt look nice...

  8. I have bought this black color

  9. matte.jpg

  10. mombasy

    2 Apr 2015 Administrator

    well, black color its not my favorite

  11. I also bought matte nail polish blue color so I will try it today, I think I will like it

  12. matte_nail_paint_5_mocha_large_1.jpg

  13. I have this matte polish, I lile its color

  14. I don't use matte nail polish bcs for it's looks not nicely. But I have a friend who adore it

  15. this matte polish doesnt shine, so I dont use these polishes

  16. I long time use these matte polishes, and I like them, they match to me very much, they are not shining, so I like it

  17. mombasy

    23 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I bought matte nail polish nude color and I like it very much, I think I will always buy this polish

  18. I like blue color nail polishes it doesnt matter it is matte or not

  19. I dont use nail polish at all, I dont like them

  20. it is not nice to you colorful nails?

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