Matte Nail Polish

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  2. 4 years ago

    I like matte nail polish, I like its texture

  3. yea, its wonderful invention matte nail polish, I like it too

  4. wow, hv 2 colors matte polish and I am satisfied very much, I like the way how my nails are looking now

  5. I dont lyk matte nail polish, its not nice to me

  6. I like matte nail polish, I have it several colors and it looks really nice! Now I wouldnt change this type of nail polish to any nail polish...

  7. I have heared that matte nail polish is not healty and damage nails mor than simple nail polish. It is a true?

  8. I dont like these nails like matte, they dont look good at all

  9. I use black color matte nail polish so it is really not bad and perfect alternative to ordinary nail polishes

  10. I didnt like matte nail polish earlier but when I get tried it I was very satisfied, so I use it now and it is ok

  11. I had try these matte nail polishes but actually I still dont like it. The problem is that the color which we see at matte nail polish bottle is not the same as the real we get on our nails, I dont like it


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