Smoothies That Help to Fight Stress

  1. 5 years ago

    Walnuts taste great, sure, but did you know they're also a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which have been shown to give you a mood boost and are associated with reduced rates of depression? They also add pack a fair amount of protein (4.6 grams per quarter-cup). There's only one question: Which of these walnut smoothies will you make first?

    Love the taste of citrus? Lucky for you, this walnut-topped smoothie is made with pineapple, orange, and avocado (for a rich, creamy texture).

    You can't help but drool over this walnut, carrot, banana, and pineapple mocktail.

    Nothing like a walnut, banana, raspberry, flaxseed, and granola drink to end a long day.

    This walnut, pumpkin purée, Greek yogurt, coconut water, banana, ice, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice smoothie is totally #twinning!

  2. I had taste somth similar to walnut - topped from pineapple and orange, just there no was avocado, it was persimmon instead.. But I didnt like it at all. Maybe becoz it was without avocado..:)

  3. oh, I know perfect way to avoid stress - chocolate or cacao. generally deliciuos food is really effective if we want to up our mood

  4. kunkuliuke

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Love smooties


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