What type of makeup do you use when you go to work, university or school?

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    14 Jan 2015 Administrator

    I like very light makeup when I go to university. However I love bright red lips and nude shadows:)

  2. Rocky

    14 Jan 2015 Administrator

    I love natural beauty. So I don't use make up as daily routinue, just for special events:)

  3. I admit, that natural looking is imporant because there is no girl who wanna look like from circus. But if you use a good, profesional cosmetic and know how to do make up, so why not everyday?:) I'm crazy for various techniques of eyemakeup. I use bronze eye shadows for parties and light silver for working days.

  4. Rocky

    15 Jan 2015 Administrator

    @Unilly I admit, that natural looking is imporant because there is no girl who wanna look like from circus.


    It's really funny:)

  5. well I think at this photo girl has a little too much make up... Or the party she is preparing to go is very very funny.. On the other hand I like these vivid people, they always have something attractive.

  6. I don't use make up at all... I think that I am quite beautiful and I don't need any make up.

  7. I like vivid colorfol make up, it is really nice, It helps me to feel beautiful and gives me self confidence.

  8. I use light make up, some blush, some lipstick, it is quite simple, but I like simplicity...

  9. i love to do experiment with my face, especially eyes. So I use eyeshadows and eye liners when I go out. Eye make up is a part of me:)

  10. I like colors, so my make up is also nice and stunning, it doesn't important where I go or what I do. I like to be bright woman.

  11. Well, I make up secrets have tought from my mother... She has amazing ability to create beautiful face and it's lines just doing some make up.

  12. I remember when my mother have taught me too how to do make up well.... But I have to say that it was not successful:D I grew up, bacame nice lady but utill now I am not able to do perfect make up, I think it is not for me:)

  13. Well, not every girl is able to do perfect make up, it good when you learn to do it, but if not, it is not a problem. I know that I am quite lazy for that things, so I don't try to do my make up perfectly.

  14. But lady without make up looks a little bit strange. I think we need it, then we really look more vivid, more bright, and more attractive, it is good.

  15. Sure! It's gud bt I knw interest,i dnt really lyk make up, bt i do make up sumtin i only use pink or red lip stick n my powder dat's all i mk use coz i dnt lyk hw sum use dat eye shadow it will b 2 obvious, n it luks funny, just. Imagine sum use 5colours.....u will luk it as if damn wat's dis bt sum it really luks so cool u will lyk wow...so amazing.....bt 4 me eye shadow is nt part coz i dnt lyk it....n i luv natural i dnt need to tell u guyz hw beautiful i am coz we ar all. Amazing.....

  16. of coz we amazing but many gilz think that without make up they not look attrative at all, and evrytink is because of boyz! cos boyz like woman with bright nise make up

  17. and? is it bad that woman is nice and caring herself?!!
    I dont understnd these talks about it that make up is bad. and ofcoz boys are looking to these woman becz these woman are nice and attractive!

  18. I didnt said its bad to walk with make up. I just said that girls are used to be with make up too much... and I wanted to say that we can beautiful even without make up.

  19. I understood what you said, I see you dont like make up, it is your opninion about it, but it dosnt mean that with make up woman dosnt look nice. she just is caring herself more than some other girls

  20. there was talked not about if woman need make up, there was discussion about what type of make up do you like...

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