What to wear to birthday party?

  1. 5 years ago

    Hello, I'm going to my brother's friend birthday party next weekend and I don't know what to wear.. I'm a little worried itbecause I don't know people who participate in this party. I would like to give a positive impresion for guys and other girls. Could you help me with your ideas about it?

  2. The most important is to hv your own style, and not to look crazy:Dd I would wear something light color

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    You can ask your brother about people, what they prefer, like/dislike. It's not easy to guess what kind of persons will be there but the main important thing is to be yourself everywhere and everytime. ;)

  4. mombasy

    29 Jan 2015 Administrator

    what people like or dislike it would not be suitable exactly for you... you need to have something what match to you perfectly and it can be anything, not necessary it would be suitable for others

  5. not always sometimes other people see us better than we see ourselves, so it is useful to listen others critic

  6. I should suggest you simple comfortable clothes, match colors, not too bright, and it will be perfect

  7. I always wear the most comfortable dress or jeans, with these kind of clothes I will never be funny but opossitelly, I am self confident and with knowing that i look like great:)

  8. why dont you worry about clothes?? its not the problem, it is just clothes. And it is not some weddings or big fiesta, or not? It is simple party of birthday so relax and keep calm

  9. yea, it is simple party of birthday but your clothes are important things, they create impression of you. Dont you think so?

  10. @liry vennna I should suggest you simple comfortable clothes, match colors, not too bright, and it will be perfect

    Thanks, I think I will choose the best combination of my fav clothes! :)

  11. Yea, absolutely agree with Dreti, clothes are important to us, they talk about us even when we are silence

  12. When we get feeling of style, it is simple to match clothes, colors and shapes, when not then is situation more difficult. I think that clothes is important thing for woman, really, but sometimes it is more important how we want that other people would see us..

  13. kunkuliuke

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I would choose this dress... mmm love it!!!! LOVE IT

  14. this dress is georgeos, but I am not used to wear these dresses. I like simplicity


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