“Taboo” – View iamISIGO’s Tribal Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

  1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by Batsylee

    Today we are happy to bring you the Spring/Summer 2015 collection lookbook from Nigerian womenswear fashion label, iamISIGO, titled “Taboo“.

  2. and what could me explain why the name of collection is TABOO?? Any way the strange forms and lines of these clothes look nice!

  3. I think it's a new brand. The title is quite original as all collection. I like it!:)

  4. Hm.. strange brand and strange collection but some models are nice:)

  5. blue color is my fovorite so some dresses of these collection I really would want to have as my own! what about name I have no idea why this collection is titled that, but it is nice

  6. mombasy

    30 Jan 2015 Administrator

    it is inspired by Africa, absolutely, dark bright body, nice free clothes, and some of simplicity, I think I like it.

  7. yea, is something between simple and fascionable

  8. the first black long dress - I have similar at my wardrabe.. but I dont like it, I dont like such collections, its not ma taste

  9. it's quite strange and with a lack of colours. I prefer more heavy textures:)

  10. something of simplicity and something of extravagance... I like it.

  11. kunkuliuke

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator

    wow, impressive

  12. its interesting for me in what place and where was taken this collection


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