How long you date before you get engaged?

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi, I'm a little curious, so want to know how long do you date before you finally settled down? several months? One year? And would you go for the same dating time if you get to do it all over again?

  2. My friendship untill we get married took three years. But I am very happy that we two had time enough to know each other and finally to do decision to marry. We are married two years already

  3. I am in relation with one guy 11 months but we have never even talked about marriage or children.. I think he don't want it at all... It's hurting me a lot:(

  4. Hm.. It's hard to say how long people have to go on dates or be together that make a serious decision to create a family.. I supose it depends on people, their whishes and strengh of feelings for each other.

  5. no no it not depend on people if you love other person so whay you need to date with him thress year??? you have just marry its simple

  6. Yea, why you have to wait for smth or maybe for someone else?!

  7. it stupid to wait for someone and believe that one day everything gonna be okey..

  8. I mean that everyone is unique and acts differently. One person can be in relationship for 2 years and break up, another for half year and get marriage. Of course a decision about marriage depends two persons, not on only one!

  9. dont agree at all. its not stupid, if you are responsible you have think if this person is suitable for you and sometimes need time to know each other..Agree with sara

  10. mombasy

    30 Jan 2015 Administrator

    girls, when we love we do many bad things, error and many good things, sometimes it is seemed as stupidnesses sometimes as chalenges.. dont be critic when we talk about other couples, it is individual and always special..

  11. Rocky

    30 Jan 2015 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by robby

    Yea, every relation is specific and cannot be compared with other couple's relationship. Nobody knows when iz the right tyme to get marriage. If everyone always be sure in every actions, everybody will not have errors in their lifes.

  12. but to be with person too long is bad, if you have friendship three or more year, so what it mean, m? that you are not sure that you are with suitable patner?

  13. why it is too bad, chanedy? I dont understand you. yea, maybe it means that I am not sure, but it means that I am smart girl and I am thinking about my future and relations. My friendship took three years, it was really hard, bit now He is my man, we are married and live happy life

  14. 3 years ago

    doesntt matter how long you were meeting with your lover before you get married, the most important is the result!

  15. We never know what will be in the future. We can only predict what can be but we will never know exactly how will be. so where is no point to think a lot and have many expectations. it's a better way to live, especially in relationship

  16. I think that there is no point to meet long tome, if you love person, need to marry him

  17. of course there doesnt matter how long you date, does it show love or no loeve? the most important is if you are both together still now, its the point of truly love.

  18. we were meeting two years, but I loved these meetings very much!

  19. Yea, I remember my meetings before I get married, it was great time... We dated about two years


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