1. 5 years ago

    Hi,girls, I have a fever and feel very bad.. I drink many cups of tea, use medicine, but I cannot recover...must be laid in bed... On weekend will be my best friend's birthday and I don't wanna spend a nice party and stay all Saturday-Sunday at home.. Please.. can you help me with tips how to be healthy faster?.. I really want to go and don't lay in bed anymore.... Please, what I have to do?..:(

  2. if you catch the cold, so I believe there is no faster way to be healthy.. you need stay at home, take relax and I think forget about the party...

  3. no no, dont be pesimistic. Our organism is strong enough, he can recover fastly from all deseases, so you should need calm down, sleep enough and every day you gonna feel better

  4. I hadnt flu already for or five yeras, but I remember how it is bad for everyone. helps vitamins and warmed milk.

  5. you need honey, relaxation, well sleeeping, its all you need

  6. Thanks, girls, now I'm healthy and strong!:)


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