Pets in your house

  1. 5 years ago

    do you have some pets in your flat/house? If no, what would you like to have and why?:)
    I would like to have a dog, because I like running at mornings so he would be a great run partner for me!pets (1).jpg

  2. I like all pets, just my flat is not big enough to have all my favorit pets. Now I have parrots

  3. I would like to have an aquarium.. and a cat at the same time:D

  4. kunkuliuke

    20 Mar 2015 Administrator

    cat and dog

  5. I like bengal cats, I have 3 and they make my mood up every day , even when I feel very very sad

  6. what is bengal cats? Are they very big or not?

  7. no, they are not big as I know

  8. bengal.jpg

  9. this look like bangal cat:)

  10. Edited 5 years ago by Batsylee

    omg, she's so cute!!!

  11. nice, perfect cat, really! Are these cats expensive?

  12. I guess that they are quite expensive... I would like to have a dog:) I prefer dogs than cats

  13. I dont have an idea if these cats are expensive, but very nice

  14. I have a dog, he live in his house at the yard, but I always dream about small dog to keep in my house.

  15. i would like to have a cat, I think any animal can give a lot of hapinnes for his owner

  16. I have one cat and one dog, I love them, but there need much care to them

  17. Edited 5 years ago by duranee

    I fell in love with these bengal cats! Where I can get them? And how much does they cost?


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