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    Tue Jul 21 08:08:58 2015

    it's always good to be one stylish lady of all group :P

  2. Mon Jul 13 13:43:36 2015

    I supose that there is no point to have so many bags if you are not able to wear it. Less is always more.
    For me nice this one

  3. Fri Jun 26 08:37:55 2015
    rudeangel posted in What do you hide in you handbag?.

    I cannot live without sunglases and good parfume

  4. Tue Jun 23 10:02:25 2015
    rudeangel started the conversation Is it true?.

    Girl, is true that we lyk more bad guys than good? They are more attractive, more funny and have a sense of humour, make us smile a lot and so on. However we know that bad guys are not for long term relation, they are good for fun but we still fall in love them, not serious guys... Why?

  5. Tue Jun 23 09:57:09 2015
    rudeangel started the conversation How attrack boys attention in collegue?.

    Hi, I lyk one guy who is very cool adn handsome but he isn't interested in me. What should I do that he would notice me?

  6. Wed May 27 14:03:10 2015
    rudeangel posted in Greasy hair... What to do?.

    The nutrition is really important factor, I think. If we eat a lot of sweets or food which was baked in oily plate, it will give influence for our body

  7. Wed May 27 13:48:11 2015
    rudeangel started the conversation First thing what you do on mornings.

    Hey guys, I would lyk to know what do you do on mornings? How starts your common day?

  8. Tue May 26 13:52:20 2015
    rudeangel posted in Do you use make-up everyday?.

    I use make-up veryday and there is nothing bad to my face skin. I think that everything depends on skin type

  9. Tue May 26 13:50:25 2015

    Yea, to choose right furniture isn't easy

  10. Tue May 26 12:53:48 2015

    I lyk give some time for myself. I think it's nice :) I do it every weekend for an hour :)

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