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  1. 5 years ago
    Tue Aug 25 13:13:15 2015
    nesca boti posted in Jeans vs skirts.

    I like both a lady can be beuatiful wearing both

  2. Mon Aug 24 11:45:27 2015

    not all designers are able to change woman that she would be looking beuatiful

  3. Wed Aug 12 11:14:05 2015
    nesca boti posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    girl can be beautiful, the more natural girl is, the more beautiful she looks to other

  4. Tue Aug 11 13:24:24 2015

    wow.. I think if the woman is beautiful she will always be fashionable

  5. Tue Jul 28 11:58:19 2015

    I am mother already, and it is really true, somtms I really stop and think: why I dont care how do I look like?

  6. Fri May 8 12:17:10 2015
    nesca boti posted in What have I done for him?!.

    you need to be patient, but it is not good at all, such his behaviour is bad

  7. Fri May 8 11:20:37 2015

    I dont like Rihanna at all, but this dress is extraordinary and looks quite well

  8. Wed Apr 22 10:35:53 2015
    nesca boti posted in Yewellery in woman's life.

    yeee, agree with love song, to have yewellery is expensive beauty, it costs much

  9. Wed Apr 15 12:45:24 2015
    nesca boti posted in So who's your dream guy?.

    in reality there no exists dream guy
    there exist just people with whom we can be and live

  10. Wed Apr 15 12:34:32 2015

    if man is attractive he is dosnt matter whatis his proffesion

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