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    Fri Apr 17 12:14:47 2015

    yes, you are right that we don't need to be photographer but we all of us want to have nice photos:P

  2. Thu Apr 16 10:29:48 2015
    Unilly posted in Get smooth skin, now.

    Yes, I heard that moisturing is one the most important thing in daily skin care.
    Aging skin loses a damp and if we want to look nice, we must to moisture it every day

  3. Thu Apr 16 10:27:26 2015

    I think that we must to think what we are doinng in our lifes. It's true that sometimes to think a lot is worse than less. But it doesn't mean that we shouldn't think at all. We have to do it.
    I lyk to think before serious decisions which can get painful results

  4. Thu Apr 16 10:24:05 2015
    Unilly started the conversation Beautiful pictures on your vocation.

    I am going to Ghana next month. I'm so excited and asked my friend to lend me his photocamera that could make a lot of nice pictures there. just I have dubts if I am able to make nice ones.. I have never travelled and don't know how to make a good photos.
    Ladies, can you give some advices in what I must to pay attention that I would come back with saved moments on my camera?

  5. Wed Apr 15 11:51:21 2015

    i think that all profession are good, just ppl have to choose by heart it

  6. Fri Apr 10 11:42:33 2015
    Unilly started the conversation Jeans vs skirts.

    i like change my style .. sometimes I prefer trousers, on some days I wear shirts. i cannot say exactly what clothes i can choose everyday and feel with it extremely comfortable. Maybe dress, maybe jeans.. Girls, do you think that girls should wear more female clothes than more comfortable. I mean that with shorts/jeans is more easy to have a picnic or active trip than with dress or shirt:) So what do you choose mostly?

  7. Fri Apr 10 11:27:29 2015

    very nice one! I like a colour

  8. Fri Apr 10 11:26:47 2015
    Unilly posted in Make up by myself.

    Everything needs practise..

  9. Thu Apr 2 13:54:10 2015
    Unilly posted in My favourite parfume.

    @duranee Escada moon sparkle, I like these too

    My friend has this and she is glad of it

  10. Thu Apr 2 13:53:20 2015

    I think that dress doesn' fit for her:D

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