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    Tue Jun 2 12:45:37 2015

    we dont judge, we just advise to her and say what do we think about this embarrasing situation

  2. Fri May 29 10:30:10 2015
    chanedy posted in Inspiration of day.

    Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.

  3. Fri May 29 09:48:27 2015
    chanedy posted in Ombre hair.

    yea, you can have shoter hair than there in pic.. As I know these ombre hair are very popular now.

  4. Fri May 22 12:48:36 2015

    yea, me too think that, it is impossible to know the future, but if there would be a possibility to know it, it would be great

  5. Fri May 8 13:09:36 2015

    it is possible to be afraid of many many things, sometimes we are afraid of strangest things!

  6. Wed May 6 11:10:04 2015
    chanedy posted in Inspiration of day.

    Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.

  7. Fri Apr 24 09:25:09 2015
    chanedy posted in Inspiration of day.

    When one changes nothing in time, time changes something in turn. Therefore, Make a change in time before time makes a change out of you.

  8. Fri Apr 24 09:20:32 2015
    chanedy posted in Jeans vs skirts.

    nice, I like jeans and skirts, they both look perfect to me

  9. Tue Apr 21 12:43:35 2015
    chanedy posted in Shops maniac.

    I like buying shoes, so I dont forget to take part in all sales:)

  10. Fri Apr 17 12:38:22 2015
    chanedy posted in My favourite parfume.


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