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    Tue Aug 18 13:39:26 2015

    and fashionable woman is always happy, cz a fashion is something more than nice cothes

  2. Tue Aug 11 12:22:38 2015

    and what do you mean saying fashionable clothes? I think the most important that clothes would match to you, then you will be looking fashionable

  3. Fri Aug 7 13:07:45 2015

    there are no signs there are just proves

  4. Thu Aug 6 10:09:17 2015

    bt designers have a good taste , so somtms their suggestions are quote good.

  5. Thu Aug 6 09:56:07 2015

    not always is possible to go to sleep although I agree that it is the best way to avoid headache. When I feel headache I try to think about smthng positive smtms it help

  6. Wed Aug 5 11:41:10 2015
    sidiga posted in Ombre hair.

    nice, bt how much time if you do ombre it will be looking nice?

  7. Wed Aug 5 11:40:23 2015

    you need avoid fat in food, eat many vegetables and fruits

  8. Tue Aug 4 10:41:24 2015
    sidiga posted in Daily womens shoes.

    I bought these yesterday [attachment:55c096d03ea6f]

  9. Wed Jul 22 12:53:14 2015
    sidiga posted in Can you swim?.

    yes, I can, but I learnt how to swim just when I was eighteen, it is quite late

  10. Wed Jul 15 13:05:26 2015
    sidiga posted in Is it true?.

    I hv heared somewhen that girls like bad boys but I am not shure about this.. I like also good people.

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