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    Tue May 26 13:26:57 2015
    noami started the conversation Do you use make-up everyday?.

    There is opinion that daily make-up isn't good for our face skin. And I agree with it bcs of that I try don't use cosmetics a lot in my daily beauty routine. I lyk nice view on my mirror but better I stay without make-up on working days and use it just for going out than will be with terible face skin. Girl, what is your opinion about make up? Is it necessary for every girl in everyday?[attachment:5564749ecbd25]

  2. Tue May 26 13:22:16 2015
    noami posted in Fans of horror films?.

    No, I don't lyk horror films, better dramas or action

  3. Tue May 26 13:21:46 2015

    I lyk reading and I think audio books is really good option than printed bcs it's more comfortable

  4. Tue May 26 12:59:50 2015
    noami posted in What is your fav dessert?.

    small cakes are the best!

  5. 4 years ago
    Wed Apr 15 13:38:46 2015

    I gonna visit my parents who live in another city

  6. Wed Apr 15 13:33:52 2015

    Oh jesus!:D

  7. Wed Apr 15 12:14:03 2015

    And doctors! especially young and with good sense of humor:DD

  8. Wed Apr 15 12:06:56 2015

    i don't plan my meetings with my boo, it woudl be terrible bcs he is very busy and we meet very rarely..

  9. Wed Apr 15 12:05:54 2015

    I also lyk men with uniforms:DD But I lyk teachers or lecture bcs they seem to me as very smart guys:D

  10. Wed Apr 15 12:05:04 2015

    Wonderful photos and models, i would lyk to have some of them in my wardrobe this spring!

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