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    Fri Apr 17 12:04:12 2015

    I prefer bath definetly..:)) Because is so nice to give a time for yourself, to relax, run away from all problems for a while..

  2. Fri Apr 17 12:02:10 2015

    I use cucumber for dark cycles under eyes. It helpt to reduce that darkness and give freshness for my face skin. Try!:)

  3. Thu Apr 16 10:04:23 2015

    Yes, i agree meraria that a with to spend more and more time is a big sigh that he cares you

  4. Thu Apr 16 10:02:11 2015
    Sara started the conversation The biggest fear of smth which you have.

    Omg.. Tomorrow I have to go to the dantist and I am afraid of it a lot! I cannot even work normally all day bcs I am thinking about pain in my mouth which I will get tomorrow.. what are your fears which you don't like or they seem silly and you would like to get rid of them?
    For example my friend go on panic if she see a spider on wall:D

  5. Thu Apr 16 09:56:12 2015

    1."Hope she was worth it!"

    2.Dear "Poorly-Endowed Slimeball"

    3. I can't kill you, so the car dies!

    4. Lost "Dog"

    5. Sell the jerk's clothes for cash!


  6. Wed Apr 15 13:09:45 2015

    @tresa buying books. I like to search and to find my favorite book at book store

    What kind of books do you read? Love stories?:)

  7. Wed Apr 15 13:03:10 2015
    Sara posted in Jeans vs skirts.

    No, I think jeans can be sexy too! If you choose the right model you can look like a queen;)

  8. Wed Apr 15 13:01:59 2015
    Sara started the conversation Friday evening! But what to do?.

    Hi girls, comming Friday's evening and I haven't no idea what to do? I would like to spend it nicely, have a great, active time with someone... What's is your plans for this Friday? What do you gonna do?

  9. Wed Apr 15 12:49:11 2015

    i lyk to buy bags, I'm like maniac in bags stores and cannot do anything for myself:D

  10. Wed Apr 15 11:34:31 2015
    Sara posted in 11 Facts About Sleep.

    I'm sensitive person and sometimes for me is quite hard to asleep after hard day. I cannot focus myself on nice things, start to think about problems which I had during whole that day...

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