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    Wed Apr 22 21:24:47 2015
    Woope posted in attention!!!.

    hey, how a u? hope u have fun here!

  2. Fri Apr 17 13:04:28 2015

    I have never had acne, but I know it's a quite big skin problem

  3. Fri Apr 17 12:54:48 2015

    @supergirl Well guys, when you are together 2-3 years is great, but when you are in relationship more than 5 years, you need to put efforts

    Do you mean that you are not satified your relationship?

  4. Fri Apr 17 12:53:37 2015

    I would choose better shower bcs it requires less time than bath.:)

  5. Fri Apr 17 12:15:25 2015

    You have to choose by your heart;) Heart never lies

  6. Thu Apr 16 09:32:38 2015
    Woope started the conversation Why men don't notice my hair changes?.

    Hi, I made a new haircut this weekend and I changed my appearance cardinally. I had long hair, not I am with short hairstyle. When after several days I will go out with my boyfriend he didn't tell me nothing about my new hairstyle... Why men are so stupid and cannot notice appearance changes..?

  7. Wed Apr 15 12:03:46 2015
    Woope posted in Yewellery in woman's life.

    @chera nodi well I dont like yewellery at all, but I know many women appreciate yewellery very much

    Why do you not like yewellery?

  8. Wed Apr 15 12:02:32 2015

    if you need to put a lot of effort in your relationships, it means that smth isn't good. As @duranee mentiones the main thing is to be yourself and act by your heart, all other things will go naturally

  9. Wed Apr 15 11:59:39 2015

    I guess that it's more suitable for parties. I think that it's classical make for special ocasions

  10. Wed Apr 15 11:57:43 2015
    Woope posted in Daily womens shoes.

    I like variaty in wearing. So for me isn't a problem to wear one day high heels, another day-simple boots

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