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  1. 5 years ago
    Tue Jun 2 13:01:42 2015

    I think its nice for woman it matches perfectly

  2. Tue Jun 2 12:50:55 2015
    liry vennna posted in Ombre hair.

    wow, nice, really, I would like to have these hair, but mine are very short so I think I should need to grow them firstly

  3. Fri May 29 09:56:40 2015
    liry vennna posted in The most touching poems of love!.

    "I promise to love you
    for every moment of forever,
    and when everything elese crumbles,
    I will never"

  4. Fri May 29 09:15:24 2015

    so its very simple: dont be alone!:)

  5. Fri May 22 12:58:30 2015
    liry vennna posted in Have you had a really bad friend?.

    yea, I hd many bad friends
    but important that you would be a good friend for your friendz

  6. Fri May 22 12:50:53 2015

    I dont have fears, fears are negative emotions, need to be brave!

  7. Fri May 8 13:05:09 2015

    nice blue clothes, they look perfect even without any accessories!

  8. Wed May 6 11:30:51 2015
    liry vennna posted in Signs that he really loves you.

    what signs there can be??
    You feel if person really is interested in you, if you dont feel that, so it means that something is wrong with your relationship

  9. Wed May 6 11:10:51 2015
    liry vennna posted in Jeans vs skirts.

    absolutely jeans, I am used to wearing those, and its very comfortable

  10. Fri Apr 24 09:08:51 2015
    liry vennna posted in What future is waiting for you?.

    it is interesting to know what will be in the future I would not reject this possibility

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