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  1. 5 years ago
    Tue Jun 2 12:44:38 2015
    biel peru posted in Matte Nail Polish.

    I like matte nail polish, I have it several colors and it looks really nice! Now I wouldnt change this type of nail polish to any nail polish...

  2. Fri May 29 10:20:32 2015

    but if man doesnt have money its not good, it means he is not able to earn money...

  3. Fri May 29 09:44:03 2015
    biel peru posted in Ombre hair.

    I lyk straight hair, so these are not looking good to me, and the color is too light...

  4. Fri May 29 09:19:00 2015

    the most I like normal nails, not too short not too long, and not very sharp, so for me most suitable would be square I think

  5. Fri May 22 12:52:12 2015

    No, I didnt, it would not help me, I just try to forget him.

  6. Fri May 22 12:49:51 2015
    biel peru posted in Can you swim?.

    yea, of course, I can do it, and quite well...

  7. Wed May 20 11:42:15 2015

    I would like to say my ex boyfriend that I know that he was cheating me with other girls. He think that I dont know this fact..

  8. Wed May 20 11:32:38 2015

    I prefer always just black, its classic, it matches with other colors, so its ideal for me

  9. Fri May 8 12:53:40 2015
    biel peru posted in What have I done for him?!.

    everything will be ok any way, if he decided to leave you, you will find ither boy, if he loves you truly he will not leave you and you will be happy together.

  10. Wed May 6 11:36:28 2015
    biel peru posted in What you should know at 18?.

    you dont know many things when you are 18, and sometimes it is a very big advantage to know nothing!

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