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    Tue Sep 15 08:37:32 2015
    Carino started the conversation Ways to invest in yourself.

    Girls, sometimes I don't have what to do and how to spend my free time.. and on those times I start to think that I'm just waisting my time withoud doing nothing. Do you have any ideas to spend free time?

  2. Tue Sep 15 08:31:01 2015
    Carino started the conversation Meet the challange-dating with jealous guy .

    I have one small problem in my relation.. I met one good guy and started to date with him, but he is very jealous and wants to control me in every second! From begining I like this his part, but day after day I feel that this his feature makes me far from him..

    Girls, maybe can you share experience in dating with yealous guys?

  3. Mon Jul 13 13:41:54 2015

    I think bag is a meanful part of every girl's style, that's why we like to have many bags and change it by mood:D My fav is:

  4. Fri Jun 26 08:41:56 2015
    Carino posted in Is it true?.

    Yea.. I gues it's true that we lyk bad guys more than good...

  5. Fri Jun 26 08:41:24 2015

    try to avoid stressful situations

  6. Tue Jun 23 10:59:01 2015
    Carino started the conversation What do you hide in you handbag?.

    I carry so many things: walet, makeup stuff, parfumes,umbrella and even shoes! That do you have in your purse?

  7. Tue Jun 23 10:15:53 2015
    Carino started the conversation The most fav your desert! .

    Hi, I woud like to make a surprise for my boo but still don't know how... He is a big fan of sweets and biscuits, so the first my idea is buy smth tasty for him or to bake smth. What is your the most favourite best of the best desert ?

  8. Fri May 29 09:40:38 2015
    Carino started the conversation The best celebrity.

    I have several favourite starts but I adore Kehinde Bankole... She is so nice,works with passion and has amazing career. What is your TV or fashion GOD? :)

  9. Fri May 29 09:17:13 2015
    Carino started the conversation Ombre hair.

    Hey guys I want to change my hairstyle and planning to make ombre. What do you think about it? is it nice and still on fashion?

  10. Fri May 29 08:47:08 2015

    Do you know the ideal nail shape for your manicure? Discover five different nail shapes and how to file them.
    The tapered side walls of the oval create an elegant shape for women. Oval shapes flatter both wide and narrow nail beds, and add length with a graceful tip. To achieve the perfect oval shape, file side walls straight to make sure they’re even. Then, shape the side walls into a rounded oval, making sure the angles are even on each side.

    With strong side walls and sharp or rounded tips, this shape is classic French. The square is ideal for a bigger nail bed (it tends to make smaller nail beds look shorter and wider). To create this timeless shape, file the side walls straight and make sure they’re perpendicular to the free edge of the nail. Once you’ve got the perfect square, angle your emery board and bevel the nail.

    Square Oval (Squoval)
    Combining the elegance of the oval with the strength of the square, the squoval is a popular nail shape for most fingers. First begin with a square with straight and even side walls. File the corners until your free edge is rounded and beveled. Remember, you still want strong side supports—don’t go too file-happy.

    As one of the most conservative shapes of the bunch, the round shape is ideal for men and those who like to maintain short nails. This shape is flattering for wide nails, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. File the side walls straight like a square, then round the free edge into that perfect swooping circle.

    The pointed nail is a popular style for acrylic and nail art designs, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. This avant-garde shape is popular among celebrities—Fergie and Lady Gaga are always rocking it! And while it’s not favored for the everyday look, this extreme shape can actually slenderize and lengthen the fingers. File the side walls evenly and taper until you’ve reached the desired tip.

    Deciding Your Shape
    How do you decide which nail shape is right for you? If your nail beds are wide, try a squoval shape. If they’re narrow, try a sharp square shape to widen and strengthen. If you keep short nails, a rounded shape is your best bet for low-maintenance style. You can also look at the lunula (the half moon shape on your nail) on your nail bed for nail-shaping guidance. If it’s more curved, try oval or rounded shapes. If it’s flat, you’re better off shaping your nails square or squoval.

    Source – Beautylish
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