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    Wed Sep 9 07:30:10 2015
    dreti posted in Inspiration of day.

    "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart".

    These words are by Steve Jobs, I like them very much

  2. Tue Aug 18 13:35:51 2015

    absolutely church is very important in our lifes

  3. Tue Aug 11 12:18:11 2015

    it is really true, not just clothes create fashion, fashion is more than clothes I think

  4. Thu Aug 6 09:45:05 2015

    the same as me, I dont know from where is that strong this fear bt I have it all ma life.

  5. Wed Aug 5 12:03:11 2015

    yea, I hd two bad friends but they now are not with me already, so now I have really good friends around me. I believe so.

  6. Tue Aug 4 10:37:16 2015

    yea, woman should care herself every moment...

  7. Tue Aug 4 09:56:45 2015
    dreti posted in how do you dress at work?.

    I work as waitress so I have a standart wearing, every day the same uniform

  8. Wed Jul 22 12:46:41 2015
    dreti posted in Inspiration of day.

    Some say love is holding on, some say love is letting go, some say love is everything, and some say they don't know! these words are from the book about love psychology

  9. Mon Jul 13 09:56:11 2015

    always believe in God

  10. Wed Jun 10 11:50:01 2015
    dreti posted in The best celebrity.

    Eva Alordiah without doubt:)[attachment:5578246797f0b]

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