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    Tue Sep 15 08:48:43 2015

    I cannot sleep at night, cannot work or study at uni normally bcs before some weeks ago I have seen my boo with another girl in lovely way on the street. He kissed her and was playing with her finger tips as do inloved ppl. I was shocked and could believe in his betrayal. I don't know what to do? How to live after this.. How to forget him and get back harmony in my life..?

  2. Mon Jul 13 13:49:09 2015

    Yea. I heard that greasy hair must be touched less as possible

  3. Mon Jul 13 13:48:28 2015

    I love simplicity and choose handmade bags

  4. Fri Jun 26 08:40:56 2015

    I always try to drink more warter and ti helps for me..

  5. Tue Jun 23 10:11:45 2015
    diezna23 started the conversation How to make your days more nice?.

    Hello, I'm so stressful in these days... Maybe do you have some tips how could I make easier my days at work and home?
    I would like to have less stressful situations and have more happy moments.. Any advices?

  6. Tue Jun 23 10:09:34 2015
    diezna23 started the conversation How to makeup tutorial for black women beginners?.

    Hey, I have found a good video for begginers. Watch it:

  7. Fri May 29 09:49:50 2015
    diezna23 posted in The best celebrity.

    My start is genevieve nnaji! She is so cool

  8. Wed May 27 13:49:57 2015

    on mornings I drink green tea, but before this I do some simple excersices

  9. Fri May 8 13:45:51 2015
    diezna23 posted in Can you swim?.

    Don't worry! It's not a shame at all!

  10. Fri May 8 12:36:07 2015

    omg... rihanna as always is more than visible :)

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