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    Tue Aug 25 10:41:57 2015
    meraria posted in Signs that he really loves you.

    when you love and other peson loves you then you dnt need any signs, its felt

  2. Mon Aug 24 11:44:03 2015

    not for every1 cz there are many people who are afraid of knowledge what will be in the future

  3. Mon Aug 17 10:15:08 2015
    meraria posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    yea, absolutely need to be proud of your natural beauty

  4. Wed Aug 12 11:11:00 2015

    I would use this possibility to know it

  5. Thu Aug 6 10:04:00 2015

    I have them sent from my cousin from Canada, they look very nice and match to me very much

  6. Wed Aug 5 11:48:55 2015
    meraria posted in Matte Nail Polish.

    I didnt like matte nail polish earlier but when I get tried it I was very satisfied, so I use it now and it is ok

  7. Mon Jul 13 10:18:37 2015

    that I still miss him very much.

  8. Mon Jul 13 10:09:06 2015
    meraria posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    guys also like natural beauty, if you are beutiful without make up, if you have nice and healthy skin, it is the best what girls can have and proud!

  9. Tue Jul 7 12:22:15 2015

    the best way to learn is to hv patience try try and try

  10. Fri Jun 19 12:25:58 2015
    meraria posted in What is your fav dessert?.

    my most favorite dessert chocolate ice cream

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